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Sunday, 20 December 2009

A castle, The tardis and Snowfall

We were very much looking forward to the wedding of Andrew and Gabs and had had the chance to develop a good relationship with them. We were excited too as this was our first winter wedding and we were shooting the reception at Caerphilly Castle (excellent wedding venue). What we were not expecting was the extra props that appeared...as if by magic! The BBC were filming Dr Who at the time of the wedding, so we were so amazed to find the Tardis on the top of the castle. We also had the most stunning end to a beautiful and very joyful day -the first snow of winter. It fell perfectly, creating a stunning harmony with the castle as the backdrop. Thanks so much guys and Congratulations. We know you are going to have a hugely blessed marriage. God bless you both! x

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

"In Home" shop shoot

"In Home" is a stylish home accessories shop on Milford Marina, Pembrokeshire. It is like a sweet shop, full of delights for the home. It was such a great experience working with Belinda and seeing her desire for detail in the beautiful things she sells in her shop.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Giraffes, Helta-Skelta and Big Wheel (Personal)

Living in Pembrokeshire has its perks! This week we took a trip to Folly Farm. A farm and zoo near Tenby. For me, the most exciting thing was seeing the Giraffes. What amazingly elegant, graceful, beautiful, yet weird looking creatures. Couldn't resist taking photos of them. It's not every day we see Giraffe in West Wales! Also had to snap away these photos of the big wheel and helta-skelta. You cant beat a bit of old school fairground entertainment!

Our new wedding publicity has arrived!

Our new wedding publicity has arrived! We have just received our new trifolds from Loxley. Owen has done a super design and we are so pleased with them. Looking forward to sending them out to those of you interested in using o&c Photography for your wedding.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A London wedding with a touch of Africa!

In October we had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Russell and Ruth. This was a very special day with hints of both English culture and Nigerian flair. We really enjoyed the chance to take R&R away to do some posed shots. Russell certainly enjoyed the camera! Thanks guys and Congratulations x

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