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Monday, 28 November 2011

Stu and Nat get married - take two! A British wedding blessing

As we said in our last post, there would be a second part to it, so here it is!
If youve not seen our e-shoot with Stu and Natalie you can have a peruse here.
So, Stu and Natalie had their British wedding in Sussex in July, after having an intimate January wedding in Chile. Two very contrasting situations, but both with similar elements. Natalie wore an aubergine dress to both of her special days and was quite adamant she wanted to steer clear of the traditions of a white dress.
Stu wore a fitted grey suit with purple tie to both wedding days. The colour theme of purple was picked up throughout the day in the details and d├ęcor that were chosen for their British big day.
Stu and Natalie opted for non-traditional from the start of their day, largely as this was their second wedding day and a blessing with friends and family from around the world.
We met with Stu and Natalie for their couple shots before their ceremony began. We went to a quaint little lake with a ridiculous amount of ducks that watched with awe as we posed and captured the couple.
Their main ceremony was held under a tree in Natalie's parents garden. It was very much a chance for friends and family to share kind words with the couple and also a chance for Stu and Natalie to share some very beautiful, personal vows together.
The rest of the day was spent catching up and eating great food.
Thank you Stu and Natalie for asking us to capture your day x o&c

(Thanks again to Amma from Beyond-Beyond blog for sharing both parts of this British celebration x)

Stu and Nat : A sand dune, beach hut e-shoot

Stu and Natalies wedding story is going to be told over two parts, as they had their e-shoot 2 days before they got married. Stu and Natalie live in Chile. When we met them they were already married. (Hey? you say) Stu and Natalie are British, but work in Chile and had a Chilean blessing in January, with a small group of friends and family joining them out there for this initial celebration. They had their "first" wedding captured by Kyle Hepp in Chile.
Nat had asked if we could do their e-shoot two days before their British wedding. We have little knowledge of Sussex, but they chose West Wittering as the situation for their e-shoot and we were far from disappointed. With sand dunes, beach huts, groins and large expanses of sand and sea, of course, we were more than happy.
So, here we go... here is the e-shoot of Stu and Natalie - Emjoy! x o&c
(please come back for their wedding which we will soon be sharing with you too!)

Thanks again must go to the fabulous Amma from "Beyond-Beyond blog" who kindly blogged this e-shoot a few weeks ago x
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