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Friday, 28 January 2011

The people that make our job worthwhile! - Part 2

As we said in part one of this post, its the wonderful couples that make our day such fun. Each one of you has made us smile, made us well up and made us feel privileged beyond measure to have the honour of sharing in their day and being able to capture it.
Here are some more of our 2010 weddings... believe me, we still look back at these with huge smiles across our faces!

Sid and Hannah - Leomington Spa Wedding. Quirky moustaches, Chaps, groove-some moves, hugest church we have ever worked in, pure hilarity and fun from start to finish! x We love you Mr and Mr Lionel Fairly! x x

Sam and Katy - Chester Wedding. Red shoes, spotty brolly, the most ushers (so far!) lots of rain, but many more smiles, plasticine modelling and stars galore! x Thank you so much for letting us join in your fun! x x

Tim and Ceri - Cardiff Wedding. Open air, amazing venue, blessed service, VW van, quirky socks, huge cookie,best best-mans speech! x Thank you guys you rock! x x

Nick and Ruth - Oxfordshire wedding. Stunning detail, immaculate planning, cornfields, butterflies, flowers and hearts x Thank you lovely people. You are such a great team and we were so honoured to share in your day x x

Paul and Sarah - London wedding. Uber-cool, National Theatre, concrete cool, stylish yet relaxed, London bus, garden party, cheese "cake!" x Thank you for allowing to share in your special day. It truly was fabulous x x

Every one different, every one personal and every one a pleasure to share in.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making 2010 such a great year! x x o&c

If you like these 2010 blogs and have enjoyed sharing in our work please have feel free to contact us here at www.oacphotography.com

The people that make our job worthwhile! - Part 1

There are not enough words to truly describe the awesomeness that we have seen and come to know in all of the lovely couples we have the pleasure of working with in 2010. Each couple truly unique, with their own styles, ideas, quirkiness and their own special love for each other. We have the best job of trying to capture all of that and more. We are so so thankful and grateful to all of our beautiful brides and handsome grooms who have let us share with them this part of their journey.
Here are just some of those moments that have made our hearts leap with excitement and have continued to make us so passionate for the people we have worked with.

Gorgeous Sam and Katie - Pembrokeshire wedding. Beach, balloons, dreadlocks, daffodils, green and yellow and plenty of amazing smiles! Thank you x x o&c

James and Rachel (Jim and Wigs) - Oxfordshire wedding. Truly stunning and classy. Fur, pink shoes, pearls and precious friends x Thank you. We love you very much! x x o&c

Matt and Rachel - Carmarthenshire wedding. Vintage themed glory, bunting, Edwardian dress, hydrangeas, Irregular Choice shoes, old fashioned sweet shop x Thank you x x o&c

Damian and Kate - Birmingham wedding. Uber-cool, guitars, glasses, Ben Folds, bunkers, VW camper x Thank you guys - you have become dear friends! x x o&c

Thank you lovely people for making our job so much fun. Your creativity, your style, your individualism and your pure wonderfulness makes us smile, makes are job so much fun and makes the beauty of love such a visual and tangible thing!
More 2010 weddings again soon... :D x x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A jaunty moustauche and quirky specs...

Prop...? an object used during a theatrical performance.
In the case of wedding photography, this pretty much applies also. Are there any quirky, crazy, slightly goofy things that you have that would add to your day? That would help you relax? That you would just use to help make a photo particularly funny and enjoyable?

Moustache on a stick? crazy specs? We love having the chance to play with fun things too. We have a great collection of things we have gathered together over a few years that people now request at weddings. It might be you see something we have used or something that you have seen that you would love to use and add into your photos, something that is very YOU. A guitar? A book?
Maybe Scrabble is a particular favourite of yours like Sam and Katy, maybe your a "chap" like Sid or the beach is the only place you really love to be like Katie and Sam. Incorporating props into a shoot can set you apart from others and create memories that bring a real grin to your face.
Just a thought, but something we enjoy and thought maybe you would too! x

Its the little things...

They say that "Beauty is in the detail" and I think they would be right!
Its often the little things that set weddings apart. A beautiful line of bunting, a table plan made from drift wood, individual jars of sweets and personalised messages.

We are totally blown away by the amount of time and energy that goes into the detail at the weddings we see and have the pleasure of being part of. Each wedding is different because of the couple who are getting married, but along with them they bring their own style, their own ideas and personalities.
Whats your style? What makes you YOU? Do you have a favourite "something" that sets you apart from your friends?
All of these questions can be answered in the way you "do" your wedding d├ęcor. Its one of the only chances in your life where you can throw a party that really is all about YOU and the union of you and your partner and all those special things that make your love so special and right.
Dont be shy! Explore and create and get excited about the little things too. That's ok you know!

Individualism can start from the beginning of your planning and can be carried through to the end. Do you have a theme? A special moment? something that can be picked up and carried through into the detail at your wedding?
There are many crafting sites and other websites that provide solely for the little things at weddings. Once your big plans are made... venue = booked, church = booked, photographers(!) = booked, dress = booked ... get on and enjoy making, creating and bringing to life something of who you are in your wedding detail.

Most modern photographers LOVE to capture details at a wedding. They tell the story, they bring together the whole atmosphere and also add something of the day when added amongst photos of you both, your friends and family amidst the celebrations!
Happy dreaming, happy creating and happy making! x

Caling all the boys!

So boys, you think a wedding is all about the ladies looking beautiful and you can put on a suit and hey presto! Well, sometimes its pretty much that! But, you have the chance to look super daper too. A well fitting suit, classy footwear and the chance to show us who you really are too. Paul from our "Concrete Cool" wedding did just this. It was truly refreshing to see a groom who had made an effort and styled his outfit in a personal way. We loved his pocket watch and 3 piece suit. It really made a big impression.

Choosing grooms men seems to be a huge task. possibly more complicated than choosing bridesmaids. If you're part of a big groups of friends do you go for all of the lads? If you don't who do you choose? Do you go for family members? Who do you make your best man? More than one?
Its not uncommon these days to have more than one best man. Choosing friends from different walks of life is quite common. Mates who have lived with you in different situations and bring something different to the speeches and the general merriment of the day.
One thing, as photographers that we recommend (and this is from experience of seeing how weddings come together and work on the day)is that once you have chosen your "boys" that you make sure they know their roles for the day and that they all know who is responsible for what! Most men take their roles seriously and will truly flourish in their support throughout the day. We have had the true pleasure and privilege of working with some truly awesome grooms men who have made our job easy and fun and have really helped in making their mates wedding the best day it could possibly be. Of course, there is often some liquid refreshment and cigars involved! Happy planning boys! :D

Ladies, all the ladies!

Choosing your bridesmaids? Is this something you have thought about for a while? Have you made promises to people, years and years ago, that if you get married then they WILL be your bridesmaids? Im sure we all do it, but when it comes to actually choosing your special ladies things can be very different.
Im so happy with the four stunning friends I had for my wedding. Each friend I chose was special to me for very different reasons and they looked beautiful on the day. I was so proud to be surrounded by these special friends (Thank you Ceri, Eva, Lou and Jo - x x)
When choosing bridesmaids its so important to know that these people will be there with you and support you through your big day. Having people who can handle your emotion, your stressing and also can share in the joys of the past with the excitement of the future.

Bridesmaids are there as your team of female support and traditionally they are dressed in clothes to compliment and flatter the bride and the wedding party ensemble, fitting in with the colour scheme and feel of the day.
With us ladies coming in all shapes and sizes its not always possible to find one style that will fit all, but with options of different cuts and fabrics it doesnt have to be one dress for all any more.
Some of the nicest weddings we have seen have been where there is a similar style or colour theme in all of the dresses, even though they are all different. High Street shops are jam-packed full of beautiful frocks now that are kind on the pocket as well as being totally stylish and appropriate for any wedding. Colours and fabrics can add to a wedding, they can bring a different twist and can add a touch of class without breaking the bank.
Having friends who love you, friends who support you and friends who truly want to see you happy on your wedding day is what makes a brides and her bridesmaids so very stunning. We have the evidence to prove it x x

Friday, 21 January 2011

Let them eat cake!

The history of the wedding cake is so deep in tradition...
"Originally they were made of wheat which was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. As a relic of once performed fertility rites, these 'wedding cakes' would have been thrown at the bride. As the wedding cake evolved into the larger, modern version, it became physically impractical to properly break the cake over the bride's head" ( read more here at Maisie Fantasie)

How many of you have witnessed the "throwing of the cake?" Not with the size and pure art that goes into making a cake these days. Although, it would probably make a great photo!
Having a wedding cake seems to be so important to so many (not necessarily the Bride and Groom!), yet they have evolved hugely in the past decade.
Heavy fruit cake, marzipan and icing... thats what many think. Our 2010 weddings have opened our eyes to again such a variety of style and certainly "taste".

Tiered cakes, split tier cakes, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, sponge cakes, "cheese" cakes, fancy detail, simply "edible" ... the options are move diverse that ever before. Certainly making those fruit cake haters amongst us, much happier.

Just maybe tradition doesnt have to play such an important role in the digesting of food anymore? Just a thought.
Whatever cake you have we hope its proper scrummy and a true joy to eat. I will never forget the amazing cake we had at my cousins wedding. Far from traditional, looking like a chocolate bag gathered at the top and the taste... well, that was truly something else! Cake can make great memories too :D x

Flora and Fauna

Tulips, sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas, cornflowers (and many other options that I just cant spell, but they are so darn beautiful!) You have a truly endless choice of options when you choose your wedding flowers. Flowers, like choice of dress and shoes can say so much about you as a person. Dont let that be daunting though. Make it fun! We have loved some of the flower choices from the weddings we have been to in 2010. Big, bright sunflowers for the lovely, cheery Katy. Simple, yet uber classy roses for Sarah. Hydrangeas, cornflowers and other vintage delicacies for Rachel. You can make your flowers say as much about you as you want.
One thing you have to consider is season. Will the flowers you love be in bloom when you get married? If yes...great! If not... what else is out there that goes with your ideas, colour scheme, budget?

There are many ways of cutting corners with flowers. One lovely welsh wedding we shot in March, all of the flowers we grown by the mother-of-the-bride! Daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths. You can also buy directly from wholesalers. This is one thing we did for our wedding day and we saved so much money. We chose our flowers, they were ordered from Holland and then when they arrived we arranged them ourselves. This memory is still one of my favourites of preparing for our wedding. Huge buckets full of flowers and my wonderful bridesmaids and Mum cutting, arranging and giggling! Im still very proud to say... they looked stunning!
Maybe you fancy doing something like this with your special ladies... memories are made of these!

I really dont think there is a right or wrong with flowers. Anything this beautiful does a lot of the work by itself.
Flower arranging is not just for those lovely women in the W.I either. Its so very now and there are some great places that do courses and also offer some alternative ideas.
Remember flowers dont just have to be for the lovely ladies. You guys can carry off a thistle, rose, daffodil too! x

Fancy footwork!

Shoes... Yes, I can hear you squeaking! A true pleasure to photograph and such a fun accessory for your wedding day. I (Charis) find myself getting as excited about shoes and other details at weddings as much a the thought of a wedding dress.
Fancy footwear can bring such an individual twist to a wedding outfit. I think this collection of shoe images shows just something of what's available. A true "sweetshop" of ideas is now out there. A feast for the eyes and a chance for true individuality and and option for something with a twist, In writing about and looking back at images from some of our 2010 weddings I realise how plain and simple my wedding outfit was. Ive also come to realise that thats ok! As we said about wedding dresses, its totally down to you and what makes your day so very you.

When taking photos of shoes and other wedding clothes you quickly learn who the designers are and what their style is and also what is on offer. Its also a real pleasure to see that funky, quirky, delicate, different shoes are out there in the high street shops at affordable prices. Shops like Next and New Look have pleasantly surprised me.
Whatever you go for to make your feet feel as beautiful as the rest of you... enjoy shoe shopping!
Heres to many more chances to take photos of lovely shoes in 2011 too :D x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A look back at 2010 - with a handful of ponderings about planning a wedding.

It was such an honour and privilege to look through the work of so many photographers as they came to their end of the year reviews as 2010 came to a close. We didn't quite get round to doing one in time for the end of the year. Its now the start of a new year with new plans and new excitement for anyone planning their wedding. Its so exciting thinking back to our own wedding (nearly 5 years ago!) and also to the weddings of those we had the pleasure of capturing last year. Thinking about all the little bits and bobs that made each day so individual, the wonderful couples that made their weddings so perfect and totally "right" for them. Each wedding was such a celebration of love and its so exciting thinking that we have all that to look forward again this year with the wonderful couples we will be working with as we "shoot" their wedding days.
As wedding photographers, we get so many questions about photography, but also about different aspects of the day. Over time, being involved in the day (often months in advance) and seeing all the ups and downs, all the nips and tucks and the ins and outs of a wedding day we have picked up some ideas that we thought we would share with you.
These are all things that we have learnt and hope you might find helpful.
Of course, each wedding is different, each happy couple are different, each budget and each dream will be different. We understand that and love that about the diversity of weddings. Over the next few blogs, we will sharing with you just some images from 2010, that we have had the pleasure of capturing, but also some helpful observations and ponders about different aspects of planning a wedding day that is totally right fo YOU!


Of course... its one of the most exciting things a girl can think about, but also can be one of the most daunting. What to wear!!!! What am I going to wear when I get married?
There are no right or wrong answers. The only answer, is something that you LOVE, something that is in your budget and something that makes you feel like YOU! Magazines are full of dresses for this shape, that shape, this budget, that budget and can be so confusing! Shops and Boutiques are pretty much the same. What we have loved about the weddings we photographed in 2010, is that each bride wore a dress that was so right for them. Some had detail, colour, beading, bows. Some were very simple, but each dress worked for the bride and each bride was truly beautiful. Sometimes you do have to be brave and crazy and try on and explore different options. A bit like dressing up...enjoy every option you try until you find the dress that is for you. Maybe you want to add to or create something totally individual. That can be done too. There are so many options for making your wedding day outfit different to all the others. Some sites I would recommend (and probably will for totally individualising every aspect of a wedding) are Folksy and Etsy... crafting sites, with numerous amounts of beautifully different things. Maybe all you need to make that dress different to the rest is a brooch, ribbon, lace or a flower. Dont be scared to explore and try new things. Its fun!
It may be an old wives tale, but many of our brides have said the same thing "when you find it, you know!" ...We just hope that when you find the dress for you. That your dress is all you have ever hoped for and more and that you feel like the wonderful woman you are x o&c

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christmas lights, Harbour Walls, Mulled Wine and Champagne

Happy New Year to you all and thank you hugely for your support and encouragement in 2010. We have truly loved everything we have had the pleasure of capturing and this final shoot of 2010 was certainly no exception!
Ben and Anna are very dear friends of ours and so you can imagine how excited we were when we received a text to say they were engaged. With Christmas still in the air and feel of freshness in their news, we took a trip down to Porthgain. A harbour still used by local fishermen, Porthgain is dominated by large brick hoppers and surrounded by stunning Pembrokeshire cottages and the very quaint and incredibly friendly Sloop Inn. With the New Year quickly nipping at our heals, we couldn't have asked for a better shoot, time with friends and also a more cosy pub to round off our merriment, before heading on back home to celebrate the coming of 2011. Thank you Ben and Anna for making this shoot such fun, giving us an awesome reason to celebrate and to The Sloop for their utter friendliness - the mulled wine & beer was cracking too! x Happy New Year to you all and congratulations to those who have entered into 2011 with a nice ring on their finger and a wedding to plan and book! Heres to fun, laughter and wedding planning! x o&c

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