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Monday, 30 April 2012

Black and whites from our first wedding of the year.

So we have a butt load of weddings from last year still to blog but editing the final touches to this one today I thought I'd stick up a selection of our black and whites for your perusal. I promise that we'll get back on the blog bus soon and share some of the amazing couples we had last year but in the mean time enjoy these monochromatic morsels and greyscale goodies.

.....and yes, before you think you're over due a trip to specsaver, that is another Bride and Groom but you'll have to wait for the full blog post to hear that story!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Jason and Sally ~ A black eye, a beach, chips in cones and bacon butties

You know when you just meet a couple that you instantly click with and think are pretty fabulous? Well, Jason and Sally are those people.
We had received an email from Sally a week before the big day to inform us that all was good, but were we good with photo shop, Jason had a black eye! We were all able to laugh about it and no photo-shopping occurred as the damage had faded, plus, this was Jason and no one was too surprised!
Jason and Sally got married in a beautiful ceremony in Nevern on a pretty lovely, yet very windy day with their reception at Newport Golf Club, Pembrokeshire which over looks Newport beach. We were all keen to hop on down to the beach for some photos, but with the windy weather didn't really know what to expect or how long we would cope. However, these guys were complete trojans and we had the most fun. Truly impressed with Sally making her way up onto the wooden posts, balancing and keeping her cool, when she was freezing her little butt off. (We love these photos and really grateful for your determination, even though you were freezing!)
There were so many lovely people at the wedding at it really hit a chord with us how friendly Welshies are. We felt like we were welcomed in as part of the gang and even had the pleasure of joining the guests for bacon butties and chips in cones. (Sometime we need to relive this particular memory with you guys :P)
Congratulations again to you both Jason and Sally and thank you so much for making us feel so relaxed and welcomed into your day. It was a true pleasure x o&c

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