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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Vintage, Retro, Design - SPACE of Harrogate

Last week we had a trip to see a venue visit "up North". After a horrifically long journey (much longer than should have been!) we parked up in the stunning town of Harrogate. We had never been here before and didn't really have clue about it as a place. We just knew it was close enough to our venue visit and we had found a very nice hotel to lay our weary heads. After a little evening stroll and gorgeous meal, we decided that we would have a peruse in the morning.
With beautiful park and spa town history it was great learning a little bit about the town. We then came across a shop front that look pretty cool, so wondered in "just for fun". Well, this shop totally blew us away. Although we dont class ourselves as solely vintage photographers we truly love the retro/vintage styles, so this was right up our street.
SPACE is a "wonderland of mens and womens quality vintage clothing and accessories, retro home ware, 20th century design furnishing and much, much more" - so true!
There really is so much to be found in this shop. After a lovely chat with two of the shop owners we ended up capturing these photos. Yes, there are a fair few, but really this was needed...there is so much to see in this place!
Anyway, for all you vintage lovers, you retro throw backs and you 20th century people, here is just some of what can be found in SPACE of Harrogate. Happy window shopping!

After perusing through all the gorgeous treasures in this shop it was only right that one of us bought something - Here is my new treasure, something Im sure will be worn at many a wedding and on a general and regular basis. Thanks O for the early birthday pressie!

If you like what you have seen then SPACE might be the shop for you! Heres to vintage/retro design.... some things will always remain truly classy! x o&c

Friday, 18 February 2011

Photos, fun and furballs! - Shootswap with Rosie and Lee Parsons

We love having friends to come and stay. Its always great going out on country, coastal walks and showing them just some of the stunning scenery Pembrokeshire has to offer. Although, its nice to keep some of it a secret! We have had the privilege of being friends with Rosie and Lee Parsons for about 4 years, since living in Oxford. We now have the pleasure of calling Rosie Parsons one of our photography colleagues too!
Rosie was off on a venue visit, so we planned a Pembrokeshire visit too.
We headed out for a coastal stroll, with cameras in tow, but this was still quite an impromptu shoot-swap. Nothing was officially planned, it really was just friends hanging out!
Rosie and Lee also have two of the cutest little kitty-cats on the planet. Simba and Slipper are house cats. They came along for the journey and hung out at our house. Of course, we couldn't leave the cats out either, so be prepared for some uber-cuteness of the fur ball variety later on in our blog!
We have also included some of the truly lovely photos that Rosie took of us. We love them. Its always such a treat having our photos taken and especially in our natural habitat of Pembrokeshire. To see more photos from Rosie head on over to see her blog feature from our coastal adventure. Thank you Rosie, Lee, Simba and Slipper... Was great to see you all. Looking forward to more visits. Next time the beach will have to feature! x o&c

Here they are... those balls of scrumptious fur!

Told you they were cute! :D

Here are a few of our favourite shots from Rosie. We truly love them. Thank you so much lovely! (seriously hoping we can get some of these printed!)

Hope you have enjoyed these photos as much as we have enjoyed sharing them x o&c
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