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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Emily and Stef - Wedding Part Two!

So, these guys have now been married over one month. They have had numerous blog posts of their beautiful, unique wedding days ( yes, they had two special days!) and they have had their wedding captured in photos, word and in the memories of many friends and family who had the pleasure of attending their day. If you haven't seen the official photographs by Polly Alexandre you must! They are stunning and you can see them right here :D
We thought we would blog a selection of some of the other photos we captured on the special wedding day of Emily and Stef and also the naming ceremony of their gorgeous third child Max.
Through the clouds, the rain, the heavy skies, the sun shone through just at the right time, making their wedding ceremony and celebration a weekend to remember. With the help and support from so many talented friends and family, all the little details came together in a completely beautiful feast for the eyes.
Amazing praise has to go to the very super-talented Miss Pickering for her stunning array of floral beauties that filled the camp-site for the whole weekend. She is a genius with the flora! The beautiful handmade original dresses that Emily and her bridesmaids wore were so uniquely perfect. Mr Christian and Allison, we salute you! You are true whizzes on the sewing machine and have such a talented for design and detail. (You must check out their fabulous shop "The People Shop" in Birmingham)
We cant forget the very yummy "Vintage Scoops" who kept us all well fed and happy with their lovely ice-cream. Even when it was pouring down, we were still munching away. (Betty, you are a beautiful van).
There were so many other talented people at the wedding, that its almost impossible to "big-up" everyone,but there is no doubt that everyone made such a beautiful contribution to a lovely wedding weekend.
However, throughout the celebrations, there was one person, whose eyes were on the wedding in a unique and different way to everyone else. Emma aka The Wedding Reporter, was almost like an undercover agent. She celebrated, joined in, but observed the wedding in such a magical way. Her observations of the day were recorded into her trusty notebook, which have now been turned into the most beautiful prose and account of the wedding of Emily and Stef. If you have never had the chance to read her accounts of the day, you will find them here and believe me, they are accurate beyond belief, they tell the story of the day down to the most perfect detail and all with such a beauty and grace. There is no doubt in our minds that we would highly recommend Emma and her notebook and pen. A literary genius!
Thanks again to Emily and Stef for allowing us to share in their day. I know I'm not alone in saying it has brought constant joy to those who were there and also those who have had the pleasure of partaking in blog posts, written reports and on Twitter too.
We love you guys and if ever I'm feeling blue I put "Happy" on the I-pod, dance around like a loon and remember all the joy, colour, fun and laughter that made your day so fab! Cant wait to see you all soon for some more fun! x x o&c

ps- Look out for yet another super-duper report, with photos, from "Rock and Roll Bride" soon :D

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Stef and Emily - South Bank Wedding Photoshoot

Goodness, where to begin with this post! This has to be one of the most precious and personal we have done in a while. Lets have a go and all will be revealed! Emily and Stef are two very lovely people, with three of the most gorgeous children. Emily is a super talented photographer and Stef is a super talented entrepreneur. They planned a wedding and invited their family and friends to be a part of their celebration. Their celebration lasted over 4 days and included 2 wedding ceremonies and a naming ceremony for their newest edition.
The big thing about this blog for me is that Emily happens to be one of my longest standing friends. We have been great pals for over 23 years! (sheesh! we are old!) Emily and I grew up together in Birmingham, attending the same secondary school and 6th from college. We have grown up through loads of different things and have many precious memories, largely fuelled around Snoopy and Moseley.
Emily was also our wedding photographer (nearly 5 years ago!) and our wedding was her first ever wedding. Stef also joined us at our wedding and this was the first time we had had the pleasure of meeting him.
Along the way, over the past 5 years, we have met up with Emily and have supported her at weddings as well as modelling for her on a few occasions. There was one such "sh-modelling" day that ended with us capturing some images that would have dramatic affects and changes to Emily and Stefs relationship. We had the complete and utter pleasure of capturing images of Emily that she later used to propose to Stef (quick reminder here)
The next year or so has been based around planning their amazing wedding weekend.Emily and Stef very kindly asked Owen and myself and lovely friends Steve and Evelyne to capture "Part One" of their wedding celebration. We firstly attended their sweet civil ceremony and after some celebratory champagne and food we headed on down to South Bank for a photo shoot. These photos are as a result of "Wedding day #1".
Its quite exciting and emotional to have the chance to share these with you as we were with these guys for 5 days and really went through the final ups and downs of their wedding planning, but you know what, the whole 4 days celebration was so much fun and such a beautiful reflection of the love these guys have for one another and for their super-cute family.
The main wedding celebration was captured by the lovely Polly Alexandre and I know we are all waiting with much anticipation to see her work from the day. I have no doubt that her images are going to share the love, warmth, support and fun that we all had at the Quinton-Lewandowski wedding weekend!
We will add some more of our work from the big celebration in a few weeks, but for now, we really hope you enjoy these two gorgeous people.
Thank you so so much Emily and Stef for asking us to be a part of your day. You are such a creative pair with beautiful ideas and we feel totally honoured to call you friends. We love you 5 very much x x x o&c

PS - Must point out the truly beautiful dress Emily wore is by dress designer "Mr Christian" and his lovely wife Allison, from The People Shop (Birmingham). Now, if you think this is nice, you are in for such a treat when you see the stunning dress they made for Emily for her wedding day. Beautiful stuff and really gorgeous people to boot! x ;D

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