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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Vintage caravaning!

What a treat! Last weekend we had the privilege of doing a photo shoot in "our" wedding attire. Our photographer was Emily Quinton, a great friend (school friend from when I lived in Birmingham x c) but also our original wedding photographer from when we got married (nearly 4 years ago). Our wedding was the first she had done and since then she has gone on to win awards and has now moved to London. Emily asked us if we would be up for being involved in a Vintage Caravan shoot. Of course, we jumped at the chance! We brought along our cameras too, as Emily had asked for some photos. Here is a selection of photos from our cameras. The gorgeous caravan is available on a hire out basis and is from "My Vintage Party", just ask for Lola (the caravan)! The completely stunning flowers are from the very talented Miss Pickering and made such gorgeous props, of course we had to capture images of them. We truly loved this experience and wanted to share our work with you. To see the photos Emily took of us, check them out on her blog! x


myvintageparty said...

Hi Guys
The photos are absolutely FANTASTIC! Love love love them! I especially love the suitcase shots and the one of you and Emily - your outfits were fab! I'd love to use some of your photos on my website and do a blog post if that's ok with you - obviously i'd credit all your images. Just let me know if that would be ok?!
Laura xx

Owen said...

Thanks Lola and Laura :)
Have sent you an email...all sounds very exciting indeed! x

Emily Quinton said...

Finally had a moment to sit down and look at this on a big screen!!

I LOVE them! Thanks guys. We had such a fun day and it's so nice to see some images of me ;-)


myvintageparty said...

Hi Owen
Thanks for your message, I haven't got an email from you though :(
Laura xx

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