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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A Leamington Spa Wedding aka Moustaches, Chaps and Groovy Moves

The very wonderful Sid and Hannah tied the knot at the beginning of July. This was a very special wedding for us as the lovely Sid had been our best man (nearly four years ago!) This was also a slightly different wedding for us also as Owen was given the job as best man (one of two) and I was given the job as official photographer. It was quite odd not having Owen about to do his usual crazy ninja-style moves. It definitely meant I had to think carefully about where I was, covering both bases (it really is a perk having two of you shooting at a wedding! yay o&c!)
I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Hannah and her lovely family. It was all so very chilled, with a trip to the hairdressers and make-up parlour before the wedding at 3pm. The wedding service was held in one of the biggest and grandest churches I have ever set foot in. All Saints, Leamington Spa is pretty spectacular building. The ceilings are incredible. Once married we made our over to the stunning Jephson Gardens for groups shots and some couply shots with Mr and Mrs Farley. It is at this point that we whipped out the moustaches and The Chap Manifesto books. I had played some sneeky-moves with Hannah to nab the books to have as surprise props for Sid, who was quite against having his photo taken. Not that you would know from the photos! Quite charming Sid, quite charming! This was also the point at which Owen joined me with his camera, so we had fun capturing some images together, before he got back to his best man duties.
On such a hot and muggy day it was really great to get to the Leamington Spa Pump Rooms for the reception. A chance to recharge batteries with good grubbage and liquid, before the speeches (Of which both Owen and Paul did amazing jobs. Proud of you both boys!) The evening finished very pleasantly with some great music and groovy moves...mainly from Sid and Owen, it has to be said! These guys go way back and have developed a whole repertoire of moves that is unlike anything you would have witnessed before! Truly unique!
Thanks lovely Mr and Mrs Lionel/Squiderlicious/Squidlly/Squid/Simon and Hannah "Pro-Surfer" Farley...we love you both and it was such an honour to be a part of your wedding day and we truly look forward with much excitement for the years of fun ahead! x x o&c

For once at a wedding we had the chance to get in with the moustache action too! You cant beat a moustache for some pure whimsical entertainment! So, if you have been wondering who the heck this o&c are...now you know! :D

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Dominique said...

Beautiful job! It must have been weird doing it solo, love love love the ones of the guys getting their groove on towards the end. xxx

Anonymous said...

Yet again, stunning set of photos! Well done C. love the one of you both with the moustaches... maybe you should make it your official O&C photo? Surely.

Alex said...

Oh I loooove these!!!! Amazing work, beautiful storytelling!

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