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Thursday, 12 August 2010

One year in Pembrokeshire!

Today is the day we celebrate our move to Pembrokeshire, South West Wales! We have been here one whole year today! Its quite hard to believe how fast it has gone and how things have changed for us. We have been full-time photographers for one whole year!
This blog is really a chance for us to look back at the past year and to thank a whole heap of people who have made our move and our change in career such a good decision.

Although there is not the space to write thank yous to everyone who has blessed us this year without turning this into an epic, we hope you know how grateful we are to all of you reading this. Your support is so important. Thank you.

A huge thank you needs to go out to our parents and families. We are so blessed with truly lovely and loving family. We appreciate all you have done for us in helping us to get "o&c Photography" up and running. Thank you Mum and Dad Warrell for letting us become your next door neighbours. We are eternally grateful. Thank you Mum and Dad Hiscott for your generosity and excitement about us living in Wales! It means more to us than you know! Ceri, Dan, Tom, Rhys and Lloyd - Thank you for being uber-great siblings. You all rock our worlds and we love you very much x

Hugest of love and thanks to our Oxford, Suffolk, Cardiff and Birmingham families. You are all so much more than friends and we love you very much. We miss you guys, but we know friendship is deeper and longer than distance between homes. The support we have had from you guys has been incredible. We appreciate you thoughts, your comments, your prayers and your love. We have loved hanging out, catching up and capturing you with our cameras. We look forward to many more special camera moments, whether they be weddings, babies or just a good old giggle! Thank you buddies!!

Thank you to our new Pembrokeshire friends. For your support and encouragement and for helping us settle into a very new way of life! We have loved experiencing new life with you and learning how to do "country-living"(tractors, chicks, lambs, cows, quad bikes, fun and frolics) Thank you guys! Heres to much more fun and many moments of hilarity!

Massive thanks have to go out to those people who have supported us professionally. We have enjoyed learning how to blog, tweet and facebook. We have enjoyed meeting so many new people through the world-wide-web. Its such a funny world, where you build friendships online, but this is such a powerful tool in the land of Photography. We are daily inspired, challenged, intimidated, wow-ed and blown away by the work of other photographers and we are constantly learning from you uber-wonderful "togs".
We have had the honour to work with some stunning blogs and wedding professionals and we cant wait to work more with you in the years to come. We feel so excited everytime we get a comment on our blog and FB group and we love knowing that we are heading the right direction. Guys, Thank you for all your kind words. They are so special.

Truly MASSIVE thanks to you all, whoever you are and for whatever reason you are reading this blog post and enjoying looking at our photos. We have loved our first year in Pembrokeshire. Sure you can see why! These images are just a small glimpse of our life here, but we are sure that they give you some idea why we love where we live and love our new life. Who would complain about living near stunning beaches and in a truly spectacular National Park. Pembrokeshire maybe at the other end of the world in terms of travel and occasionally in mind set (! :D), but it is a beautiful place to live and still a fairly well kept secret. To share with you too many photos would be giving too much away !(tee hee), but we hope we have teased you enough with our photos that you can see why we are just loving where we are and what we do.

Thank you / Diolch un fawr to you for reading and looking at our photos. There are many many more where these have come from and we cant wait to show you more. More weddings, more families, more friends, more views, more things and more fun and merriment in the process! We are Owen and Charis / o&c Photography and we truly love what we do and love doing it where we live. Thanks one and all...happy looking! x x x o&c


Steph, Cheshire, UK said...

Fab post guys and congrats. Your photography is ace and really inspires me to become a better photographer so thanks!

Emily Quinton said...

This gorgeous post has completely brightened up my morning!
You guys are amazing and I love love all these images.

I can't wait to see what year two brings you and what you create.

Huge love to you both xXx

Juliet McKee said...

LOVED looking through these beautiful images, I am one of those photographers who YOU inspire!

Congratulations on an amazing year. Continued creative utopia to you both.

Dasha "Exhibit Emotions Photography" said...

Congratulations, guys! Such beautiful images, made me wanna live there as well :-)

Nikki McLeod LMPA said...

Beautiful work from beautiful people

Amy Wass said...

what a beautiful retrospective. Good luck for year 2 and beyond!

maz hawes said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Oh the joy of living in a place, geographically and emotionally, that inspires you to push your art to higher planes. We all get the benefit of that! Keep up the lovely work guys xx

Annabel - Love My Dress Wedding Blog said...

This is such a lovely blog post to have taken time to write. I hope you are both very happy in the beautiful Wales (Oh how I love it, and how I've missed it this year), and I hope that I get to meet you both in person sometime soon.
I also hope I can continue to be one of those interwebby people that can keep on supporting you professionally :)
With much love,
Annabel xXx

Dominique said...

how did I miss this post?! absolutely gorgeous pics, what an amazing part of the world you are in. Nice to see Owen's D3s in action, what a bad boy of a camera, but us girlies can stick with the lighter and just as awesome d700! xxx

Becky Matyus said...

You guys... :) Miss you both. In fact, everyone at Westaway! WELL DONE for all your hard work and achievements this year. I'm so impressed with your efforts, talents and professional-ability-ness. Here's to more gigs, more fun times and more sunny days in Pembs!

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