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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Life is Wonderful!

"Life is full of beauty. Notice it..."
I could leave it there, because you cant argue with that. I've spent the last few days longing for a chance to get outside with my camera (and new gem of a lens!) Finally did this morning and it was perfect. We have a beautiful blossom tree that has sprung into life in the past fews days. It lives just outside our bedroom window and its the first thing I see in the morning. I love it! Its a tree that tells different stories in the different seasons. Sometimes its a home for birds, sometimes a home for bees, sometimes a home for blossom and on occasion, a home for snow and wind.

With the awfully sad scenes we have seen on our TV in the past few weeks, with Libya at war and the devastation of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, you cant help but think about how blessed we are with our lives here. When war and devastation are projected into our lives, there is nothing quite like the beauty and frailty of life that can be found in the beauty of nature. Something so simple and delicate bringing such delight and joy and bringing freshness and renewal.

As the lyrics of the Jason Mraz track "Life is Wonderful"...

" La, la, la ... life is wonderful,
La, la, la ... life goes full circle,
La, la, la ... is meaningful"

I dont ever want to take life for granted. I want to open my eyes more to the things around me, to the joys of detail and the beauty everyday living.
Im grateful for the life I have, but am going to challenge myself to "Notice it".
What makes your heart sing? What are you grateful for? What little things do you so often take for granted?
x x o&c

1 comment:

Katy Lunsford Photography said...

Thanks for that, thought-provoking and beautiful. Great words and lovely images :) xxx

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