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Friday, 8 April 2011

Family Life - Maternity and Mothers Day shoot

The gift of new life is so amazing. We are blessed with so many lovely little friends and big friends who always make our life fun.
When Lucy asked us to capture her "baby bump" we were both honoured and surprised, as Lucy isnt a big fan of having her photo taken. There is no reason for her to worry, she is proper gorgeous!
Lucy and Oliver are the proud parents of four truly scrumptious little people. Their youngest (aka baby bump) is now nearly 4 weeks old. Named after Peppa Pigs little brother (name chosen by his 2 and a half year old big brother!) "George" is totally amazing and a real cutie. Check out his smile - or is it wind?
When asked by their eldest daughter to take some photos of them for "Mothers Day", of course we couldn't resist. Well, to be honest we didn't have much say. She is quite a persistent seven year old! We were very keen on capturing the children as they are. They have such individual and quirky characters, we hope the photos tell you something about these fabulous four.
We really love the fur coat look and floppy hat and also so glad we captured the giggles after the momentary "windy-pops!"(tee hee!) Also, we must thank Lucy and Oliver for always being so lovely and for allowing us to be a part of their life. Your children rock and make us giggle all the time! Thank you big friends and little friends x x o&c

(baby bump- before and after!)Welcome to the world little man, you are truly gorgeous George x

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Dasha said...

I like this set! Images are so unpretentious and real - love it!

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