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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

John and Lynn got married! - Eynsham Hall Wedding

Oh man! Where to begin with this wedding. Such a great day for so many reasons. Little history and geography lesson might help to set the scene. Before moving to Pembrokeshire we lived in Oxford, where were doing photography alongside other jobs. I (Charis) was a teacher. I worked with Lynn (the bride) and she drove me to work for years. Every morning we would chat, catch up and giggle. I heard about the lovely John (the groom) on our journeys into work, all very lovely stuff "He is a bit younger than me. He is from Pembrokeshire (how cool is that! both of our men, from Pembrokeshire!) The cats like him!" That sort of thing!
When we moved to Pembrokeshire we had little visits from John and Lynn as they have relatives who live really close to us. We then had the phonecall... "We've just got engaged and would really like you do our photos!". Well, as they say, the rest is history. Of course, we said yes and here are the results from a truly fabulous day.
On April 2nd at the stunning Eynsham Hall, John married Lynn (whoop-whoop!) It was the most beautiful day. The sun shone, the ceremony was precious and very intimate. The reception was fun, with games and fancy dress and the whole day was brought to an end with the most amazing firework display.
There were so many aspects of Eynsham Hall that really leant themselves to photographs. A place of real contrast. An old Grade II listed manor house, with all the stunning features that such a house offers, but with some truly eye catching modern design mixed into the d├ęcor. We loved it. Thank you John and Lyn for allowing us to share in your special day. Thanks for the fun and giggles and for the many lifts to work Lynn. They will always be appreciated! Here's to many years of wonderful married happiness and to our Pembrokeshire boys! ;D x x o&c

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