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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Damian and Kate are 1 !!! An anniversary beach shoot, with lots of fun and love!

An anniversary shoot, with sand dunes, windmills, mock wedding and two of the most amazing people ever? You want to know more?
So last year on 22nd May we had the total privilege of capturing the wedding of Damian and Kate Herbert. Have a look here for a reminder of their gorgeously hot wedding.
It was privilege in itself to capture their wedding, but we are now developed a fab friendship, with this gorgeous pair. We hang out in Birmingham and Pembrokeshire, we have braai's and drink ginger wine and mojitos! Sounds pretty good hey!
When we last spent some time with them in Birmingham we had a chat about their first anniversary and decided it was in keeping with a trip to Wales that we all popped on down to the beach and did an anniversary shoot. So we did and here are the photos.
Also make sure you make your way down to the bottom for a little video too, done using the power of an iphone and the 8mm vintage camera app (first time, so still working out what settings are best to use, but these guys are so pro, they make anything look good!)
On a personal note, we want to thank you, Da and Kate for being truly amazing friends. For blessing us with your friendship, for the treats on our bed when we come to stay, for the chill-out times at Croesgoch, for the humourous moments with the "A Gustaf Appliance??!", for crazy board games, for your amazing music Da, for trips to Narbeth Kate!, for the ginger wine and mojitos and for being people we really love and trust You are true blessings from God. We love you guys FACT! x x o&c

Kate and Damian are 1! from Owen Warrell on Vimeo.

PS- Hope you like the video and choice of song guys... first dance from Da and Kates wedding. Precious memories with precious people x x


Dominique said...

These are so beautiful! Great job guys!

Juliet McKee said...

Oh wow!! This is such an awesome shoot(and I hardly ever ever use that word). Such beautiful images and amazing use of environment x composition. They must be over the moon.

Andrea Ellison Photography said...

{{{{{SIGH}}}}} excuse me while I go and weep x

engagement rings said...

Amazing images, love these

Kirsten Mavric said...

It's rare that I believe a photographer who says they are 'bestest friends' with their clients but I absolutely do believe you guys ;) WONDERFUL shoot. I love all of it, especially the 2nd dog shot!

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