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Monday, 29 August 2011

Tom and Sara - Australia and Wales United!

We have not blogged for such a long time. Wedding season is in full swing. We have so many lovely weddings to share with you, so many! We are going to work our way through our summer weddings and today is the day we show you the wonderful wedding of Tom and Sara.
Tom and Sara are two of the most encouraging and supportive people we have ever met. They have made our job easy from the day we met them and by the time we actually arrived at their wedding day, we felt like we knew them. Funny thing is, they live in Australia, but through emails and a couple of meet ups (before their day) we felt like we were taking photos of friends.
Sara is originally from Wales and Tom from Australia. They decided to have a welsh wedding day. Two different countries united.
The whole of their day was a very relaxed and no fuss affair. Sara didn't wear a traditional dress and incorporated a love for vintage styles into her outfit, wearing a fabulous pill-box hat.
Throughout the day there were reminders of special relatives who were no longer with the family. We had to capture the stunning yellow wedding dress that her grandmother had worn to her wedding in 1936. Sara also wore a pearl necklace that she was given by her uncles mother. A very special memento of precious family members and also a perfect compliment to the vintage theme.
Their wedding service was a mixture of Welsh and English and sent total shivers down our spine when the congregation sang "Calon Lan" (traditional welsh hymn. If you've not heard it, you should. Seriously, this is one stunning piece of melodies and harmonies!) There is no doubt about it! The Welsh truly know how to sing!
The Welsh are also used to rain!As we left the church, the heavens opened. Unfortunately, some of our plans for couple shots didn't happen, but we took a trip back to Sara's parents farm and enjoyed sharing with them some time. They were relaxed and happy in the rain and their enthusiasm for their day was no means dampened.
Sara and Tom held their reception at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. They again included relatives from their past, with a table of old photos. Wedding photos of their grandparents, mixed in with vintage cases.It was a lovely reminder of weddings been and gone.Their reception was held in one of the galleries surrounded by displays and information boards. With a splash of colourful poms-poms and lots of joyous wedding celebration the wedding continued long into the night. We even put our cameras down for a bit of a boogie! Well, sometimes you've just gotta! :D
Thank you Tom and Sara for welcoming us in to your celebration, for your generosity and encouragement throughout the time you have been our clients. Its been a total pleasure sharing in your day. x o&c


Fanni said...

Loving her shoes and the black and white silhouettes! Just gorgeous! Well done to you both xxx

Peter Lawson said...

Great shots guys. Those black and white silhouettes are amazing!

Amma // Beyond Beyond said...

This is so pretty. Love. it. all what a beautiful shoot!

Dasha said...

Wonderful photos, guys! So warm, creative and beautiful! Big fan!

Kirsten Mavric said...

Looks like SUCH a fun day x

anna and the ring said...

Dang, so pretty but fun too. Love!

Rachel Tweeddale said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Her bouquet is amazing! Such a beautiful job you two!

Josie said...

These are so sweet! So so sweet. Lovely jubbly.

Photo Editing said...

I like there suits.

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