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Monday, 18 February 2013

Will & Hannah: Pembrokeshire Farm Wedding

Do you ever look back through photos and you can hear the laughter as though its coming out of the image? Thats just happened here as Ive prepared this blog post. Such good memories. 
Will and Hannah were married in the pretty much picture perfect Pembrokeshire surroundings.
I (Charis) dont think I've have ever laughed as much as I did the morning of their wedding day. Thanks largely down to Hannahs hilarious Dad, Bill! I, also dont think I have ever been so emotional at a reception (Huge apologies for me out bursting of tears guys!)
Both Will and Hannahs family both brought immense joy, pride, love and support to the wedding that it was hard not to feel totally elated and excited for Will and Hannah throughout their whole wedding day.
Their reception was held at Wills family home and held special memories for both Will and Hannah and Wills parents. The have worked the land here in Pembrokeshire for generations and have had Will and Hannah living with them and working closely with them for many years. There was however a tinge of sadness to the day, as Will and Hannah were to move away from all things Pembrokshire to start a new and exciting adventure in Canada, this time living close to Hannahs family.
We know you're having much fun in the land of Canadia and we are so thoroughly chuffed that we are still in touch with you guys. Thank you so much for allowing us to share in and capture your day. Fond memories always x o&c


Rosie @ LoveLuxe Blog said...

Goodness me, what a location! So beautiful - and there was sunshine?! When in the last twelve months did this anomaly happen?! Beautiful pics guys xx

Sarah @ Cwtch the Bride said...

This is gorgeous! :) Love those confetti shots - everyone looks so happy :)

Paul said...

Just wanted to say they are some of the best pictures I have ever seen at a wedding you captured the day and atmosphere perfectly. Thank you so much

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