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Monday, 15 July 2013

Pete and Jak: A homemade, handcrafted Pembrokeshire wedding.

Pete and Jak are brilliant! A perfect duo. Creative, stylish, practical and genuinely real.
Every aspect of their day was individual, perfectly crafted and thought out. Jak is a complete and utter genius when it comes to creating. I think its fair to say, that the whole wedding day was styled and designed by Jak and it really was her dream. A beautiful and perfect day. Huge respect to Pete for letting Jak have her dream and run with it  Definitely a team game.
Jak designed her dress after seeing two dresses by Sassi Holford in the wonderful White Bride Boutique. She then added handmade details and had details created and added in. 
Jak created her own bespoke headdress and waist detail, using vintage brooches, beads and jewels she had collected. Such beautifully hand-crafted pieces that completed her outfit perfectly.
Their wedding reception was held at the stunning Upton Castle, surrounded by beautiful gardens and nature trails. All the details at the wedding were collected and created by Jak and Pete. Each table had a vintage cloche containing something of significance. Shells, corks from wine bottle, wool from their sheep,  eggs from their chickens. Pete made an amazing cake stand from slices of a tree, drilled with holes for cake-pops. To be honest, the list goes on. Amazing!
Putting all the details aside,  Pete and Jak made their day their own, filled it with family and friends and created moments to remember. Very much like their life.  Full of love and respect for each other, everything these guys do together is shaped that way. I think it also says a lot about a couple when you totally fall in love with their family and friends.  What a bunch of wonderful people!
We have had the true honour of getting to know these guys and can proudly and happily call them our good friends. Thank you guys for being you. You're both totally brilliant and we love hanging out and spending time with you. We loved your day so much. "Good times!" x o&c

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photo production said...

Exceptional!! Covering a wedding event is not an easy job but you captured every single moment very beautifully. i am feeling like attending event with you :)

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