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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Theo and Lisa: Ely Festival Garden Party with Special Guest.

This wedding was HOT! Hottest day of 2012, super HOT couple and super HOT family, friends and guests! A different wedding for us, on so many levels and one that would be pretty hard to compare.
Theo and Lisa are pretty darn special. Special on so many levels. The love they have for each other. The love they have for their family. The love they have for their friends.  To say we were humbled and blown away by these guys, would be an understatement.
Theo and Lisa are the best of buddies, with a foundation built of respect, support, understanding and deep love. They wanted their wedding to reflect this. To be a huge party and celebration of their love and friendship. It was just that. A beautiful, emotional and personal wedding ceremony, with words from relatives and friends and then a full on party. The whole day was held at Lisa's fathers house. The garden was adorned with teepees, tents, origami birds, photographs of friends, beautiful handmade creations and stunning flowers. Every aspect of the day had a meaning behind it and was built on memories. Even their outfits, designed personally had special and important features. Theo and Lisa's names were embroidered into the neck straps on Lisa's dress, while Theo wore two stunning swallow pins, representing his parents and a Scottish sword and thistle pin as a reminder of his Scottish roots.
With drinking games, hand painted jam jars for each guest to drink from and hand painted stones for place settings, each guest was made to feel so loved and important.
As the evening entertainment began, the traditions of a white wedding cake and first dance were totally turned on their head. A hand made, hand decorated cake, with blue, green, pink, yellow and orange icing, covered in flowers and glitter sat proudly in their teepee reception. Their "first dance" was a highly orchestrated, truly brilliant dance off. Lisa's wedding outfit was transformed with a pair of gold sequined hot-pants, with personalised converse ankle books and an entourage of sassy bridesmaids. Theo showed us all his dance moves, which made it all very clear why Lisa decided she wanted to know more about the chap she met in Oceana!
This wedding could have wrapped up at this point and would have been a talking point for months on end, but then an added something completed the day of Theo and Lisa's dreams.
For both Theo and Lisa, the music of Craig David,  British RnB artist has always been very important and very inspirational in their relationship. So much so, they asked him to come to their wedding. A large twitter campaign began with the simple hashtag "#getcraigdavidtoourwedding". The campaign was so big it trended for a while. Then 100 days before the wedding, Theo and Lisa released this wedding video invite. The rest is history.  Craig David (a truly talented, very kind, incredibly lovely chap. No word of a lie!) joined in the party, after making a decision to come over from LA just for Theo and Lisa. No one knew what to expect and how long he would stay, but its fair to say that Craig David was pretty exceptional, doing an impromptu 30min set and then rapping with Theo too.
We hope that its clear from looking at these photos that there was a depth of love, joy and happiness throughout this day that came from a real sense of appreciation, support, love and respect from Theo and Lisa to all of their family, friends and their special wedding guest. Its virtually impossible for us to not look back at this day with beaming smiles and without Craig Davids "Seven Days" going round in our heads. If you have a thirst for more the wedding video will also give you reason to smile!

Thank you so much Theo and Lisa for choosing us to capture your day. It was truly amazing, every step of the way. We loved meeting with you in Starbucks, doing your e-shoot, eating homemade pizza and hearing about your wonderful families.
We loved being part of your super hot wedding day and being able to share in laughter and tears and serious grooving too. Love you guys X o&c

(This wonderful wedding has already had the pleasure of being featured on the awesome Rock and Roll Bride blog, along with Theo & Lisa's pretty darn cool engagement shoot. Please take a look there too. Its all good stuff! Thank you Kat, for choosing to share our work)


Rachel Tweeddale said...

Amazing. I don't think more words could do it justice. Super job!

Gemma Williams said...

W-O-W this is super cool! Amazing work guys :)

anna | far from the wedding crowd said...

Love it!

So much fun!

(Trying to think of a witty Craig David pun - failed!)

maria said...

BRILLIANT! what a super cool wedding and LOVE every single shot! xxx

Becky Male said...

Flipping amazin'!!! The coolest and best wedding I've seen in ages - original, personal and just brilliant!

James Van Nguyen said...

I want to know where the groom got that amazing suit!

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