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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Autumn Changes {Personal}

I love the seasons, but love them even more when they arrive and remind me how much I love them. Autumn is so magical. Its warm colours and humbling changes are so spectacular, its easy to take it all for granted. I have been challenged recently to take photos of the things I see, not just those things that come along when working. Its so easy to get caught up in the work you are asked to do that the fun and joy of capturing beautiful things gets lost in the busy-ness of doing a job. I know when I enjoy taking time to look there are so many more treasures that seem to appear.
I wonder, how often do you look up and see the changing leaves? How often do you look down and find the first burst of berries on the bushes? Im trying hard to do these things more often. We live in a wonderful world, with stunning seasons. Change can be a good thing! x C

Wanted to leave you with this view. It may not seem much, but every day we have the pleasure of looking at it from our house. Its the Texaco Oil Refinery here in Pembrokeshire. It may at times seem a bit of a eyesore, but at night time the lights that cover the towers bring it to life. A little bit like Christmas decor. I've really learnt to love this view!

1 comment:

Alex said...

Change is a fabulous thing. I love these images! Beautiful!

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