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Monday, 22 November 2010

Brizzle in the drizzle - Photo swap #1 {Owen}

–noun, plural -tos.


verb, swapped, swap·ping, noun.
to exchange, barter, or trade, as one thing for another.

Briz·zle (as the locals say)
a seaport in Avon, in SW England, on the Avon River near its confluence with the Severn estuary where me and Ca had a chance to spend a day shooting with Rosie Parsons, Juliet McKee, Shell de Mar, Dominique Bader and Antonina Mamzenko. All tip top togs I think you'd agree!

We met at the Mud Docks in the heart of Bristol and split up in to pairs. Ca and I gave a little internal "Whoop, whoop!" when we were paired up with Jules from Sugar and Spice Photography and her husband Shane. I love Jules' clean, crisp and mega sharp images and am blown away by the photos she took of us here. To say we are chuffed is an understatement almost as big as saying I'm now "slightly nervous" about blogging my images. Anyway and with out further ado here are my shots of the lovely Shane and Jules at Brizzle docks (Ca's to follow).


Eliza Claire said...

Jules is gorgeous! Fab shots, I can't even pick a favourite I love them all. Oh ok if you insist, my favourite is the one of them holding hands, where you can only see half of them both - gorgeous processing and one of my favourite compositions!

Antonina said...

Wow, looks great! Love all the details and unusual angles!

Juliet McKee said...

Oh my word, these are absolutely amazing. Shane and I having just been pouring over them and I have already decided I HAVE to have one of the mono's of us snogging as a mahoosive board on my lounge wall.

Thank you so much mu darlin, you have done a spectacular job.

Alex said...

LOOOOOOVE them!!!!!!! Gorgeous! :)

Dominique said...

Brilliant job, love em! I love the black and white of them kissing between the trains and you definitely captured their personalities x

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