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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Sun set shoot - Photo swap #3 {Owen}

Ok, so after a tasty pizza lunch at the PiantWorks we all jumped in the cars and raced off to the location for the second shoot. As before, we got into pairs and Ca and I got the awesome Del and Shella de Mar.

Shella is a rocking photographer and her images are as stylish and cool as she is. Her and her husband where a joy to be around all day and to get to shoot them together was amazing. We tried to squeeze in a few more shots before the winters sun set on what had already been a really fun day. As Ca and I shoot as a team, sometimes I take the chance to have a play with something a bit more weird. Knowing Ca would be getting great shots I grabbed my fish eye and had a go at shooting wide, very wide.

It was pretty cold by the time we stopped shooting but eeking out the last of the light was worth it, thanks guys.

Big thanks again to Rosie for sorting it all out and organising a great day out with fab people. Here are the photos of Jules and Shane from earlier in the day in case you missed them.


Jules said...

Ahh...these are sweet as! Shella I love your style and you and Derek are looking fine.

Fab Owen, you've only gone and done it again!

Rosie said...

Very cute! Love the fisheye one in front of the pillars!

Dominique said...

Love em! You definitely captured Shella's and Derek's personalities. Love the ones of them leaning against the pillar.

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