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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Love Luxe Launch Party at Goldney Hall, Bristol

 This is a little bit different to our normal blog posts, especially with so many weddings awaiting to be blogged, but we wanted to share with you something of what we recently got up to. On August 8th, we had the pleasure of going along to the launch of new blog Love Luxe. Love Luxe is an inspirational wedding styling and party planning blog set up by the ever lovely and talented Rosie Parsons. If you've not seen it have a look here.
The launch party was a chance to meet up with a variety of different people from the wedding/party planning industry, including party planners, designers, photographers and also giving fresh and new inspiration and the chance to take photos of the wonderful displays, as well as socialising, mingling, networking, what ever you like to call it.
We ventured to Bristol, not just the two of us, but also with our happy bubbly 5 month baby Florrie in tow. She had a complete ball. Was totally adored by all and sundrie and behaved impecably. She certainly enjoys a party, it seems! The lauch party was held in the grounds of Goldney Hall. A stunning venue and part of the University of Bristol. Beautiful potential for a wedding, me thinks!
Here a few photos that we took of the launch event. As you can see these styled tables and displays were quite stunning. There was so much to look at, so much to take on board, I know we didn't even begin to capture half of the amazing beauty that was brought together for the occasion. For more of  the Love Luxe launch party, have a look here on their blog and also check out the blog for regular party ideas, including one from me (Charis) coming up fairly soon :D
Thank you super talented people for all the beautiful ideas you brought together to make the launch party so very enjoyable and such a fun place to be! 

Florrie truly loved the launch party and was rather chuffed she finally got to wear her beautiful London inspired dress. Thank you to all those people who made me feel so chilled and gave her cuddles too. It was an honour to be able to finally introduce her to so many lovely people x x


Rosie Parsons - LoveLuxe Blog said...

Such a lovely set of photos! It was so great you were able to make it to the party, thanks so much for coming!! xxx

Catherine said...

Such a pretty day! And love the last images of Florrie! Was great to see you all xxx

Gemma Williams said...

This all looks so beautiful - love the colours! And Florrie is the cutest! x

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