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Friday, 25 June 2010

Two little words x

We received two Thank You card in the post this week. They have really made our day and each card has said the kindest things. Its funny how words can mean so much. They are so easy to say, but also so easy not to say.
We are not writing this in expectation of thanks from anyone, but just as a celebration of two little words "Thank You".

Stationary designed by Sarah Joy.

Also, we have been blown away by the stunning designs of invites that have been coming our way recently. Design is such a personal thing and when preparing a wedding, design can set the style of your whole day. Here are some truly wonderful examples of just some of the invites we have recently received for weddings. When we got married we made our own invites using a photograph of the beach where we got engaged.
These examples of stunning invites have each been so perfect for the weddings we have attended. Each has said so much about the wedding style and the couple.

Stationary designed by Marijke

We have so many people to thank for support over the past few months. It would take a lot of time to name you all, but we want to send a huge Thank You to our parents and families for their love and support since we have gone full time and also our dear friends across the UK (Oxford, Suffolk, Birmingham, Pembrokeshire...)
A huge Thank You has to go out to all the wonderful couples we have had the pleasure to take photos of. We love doing your weddings and we are truly honoured that you choose us. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts x o&c

Stationary designed by bride and groom.

When choosing invites and wedding stationary, dont copy these because you like them, choose something that is YOU. Something that will be part of your wedding day and will set you apart from the rest. There are some great designers out there. Try Etsy and Folksy for a range of designs that are quirky and made with love.
Happy stationary hunting and Thank You for taking time to read and follow our blog
x o&c

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