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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rugs, Roses, and Runways...

When we were asked to do an engagement shoot with Scott and Dawn last week we had no qualms at about saying yes!. Vintage cups & cake stand adorned with roses, knitted cupcakes, a poesy of stunning flowers, vintage style throw, suitcases... and that was just some of the props. Dawn wore a 1940's blue flowery dress, while Scott made us smile in his braces and bow tie. They both proudly announced to us that many of their props were ebay and charity shop purchases, which made it even more authentic. We took them to an abandoned World War II aerodrome, situated on a cliff top, looking over a very stunning Pembrokeshire beach. The weather was incredible, especially as either side of the shoot, the rain was pouring down. We were really blessed with amazing weather and scenery. Vintage-style weddings are becoming a popular style choice and it is easy to capture some aspects of the style, but Scott and Dawn really went for it and are continuing to purchase vintage-style props to make their day as styled and as stunning as possible. One of our favourite little added touches were the knitted cupcakes. Dawns friends and family back in Belfast are knitting-happy to make cupcakes, batternburgs, swissrolls and other confectionery fancies for their big day. Scott and Dawn recently moved to the area and are working and living in the beautiful seaside village of Broad Haven. To complete our shoot we headed back to Broad Haven for beach shots and to capture something of their new life here in Pembrokeshire. We are so very excited for you both and have loved learning about your wedding day plans. Thanks for letting us share in a very special and fun photoshoot. Lets all raise a knitted cupcake to your wedding and married life together!!! Looking forward to sharing images of this wonderful wedding day in the future! x o&c

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Alex Beadon said...

These are so cute! I love how much thought was put into the shoot :)

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