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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Photography Parlour g2g

For those of you who have not heard about The Photography Parlour, here is a little synopsis...

"The Photography Parlour is a place for all aspiring pro photographers to come and relax, grab a cup of tea and mingle with like-minded folks "

The Photography Parlour is a blog run by photographer Rosie Parsons. It is full of awesome interviews, advice, ideas and of course, photographs, by a range of different photographers. It is a great place to see styles of work and to read up about and chat through issues. The Photography Parlour is available to all photographers, from new beginners to seasoned pros.

On 15th June 2010, 30 photographers met up at Bristol Docks, on the Harmony II Mega Yacht. The aim of the Photography Parlour g2g was to meet new people, take photos of great things, including model shoots and stunning vintage teasets, flowers and to have the chance to put photos and names to the faces!
Check out these 2 articles from the Photography Parlour to see what you missed out on and read the feed back/see the photos from of those who went.
Over our next few blogs we are going to be showing you some of our work from the brilliant g2g and hopefully this will make you see why the g2g was such a great time and a really good experience for us at o&c! x

For more of our work and for any enquiries please contact us at www.oacphotography.com

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