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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ladies, all the ladies!

Choosing your bridesmaids? Is this something you have thought about for a while? Have you made promises to people, years and years ago, that if you get married then they WILL be your bridesmaids? Im sure we all do it, but when it comes to actually choosing your special ladies things can be very different.
Im so happy with the four stunning friends I had for my wedding. Each friend I chose was special to me for very different reasons and they looked beautiful on the day. I was so proud to be surrounded by these special friends (Thank you Ceri, Eva, Lou and Jo - x x)
When choosing bridesmaids its so important to know that these people will be there with you and support you through your big day. Having people who can handle your emotion, your stressing and also can share in the joys of the past with the excitement of the future.

Bridesmaids are there as your team of female support and traditionally they are dressed in clothes to compliment and flatter the bride and the wedding party ensemble, fitting in with the colour scheme and feel of the day.
With us ladies coming in all shapes and sizes its not always possible to find one style that will fit all, but with options of different cuts and fabrics it doesnt have to be one dress for all any more.
Some of the nicest weddings we have seen have been where there is a similar style or colour theme in all of the dresses, even though they are all different. High Street shops are jam-packed full of beautiful frocks now that are kind on the pocket as well as being totally stylish and appropriate for any wedding. Colours and fabrics can add to a wedding, they can bring a different twist and can add a touch of class without breaking the bank.
Having friends who love you, friends who support you and friends who truly want to see you happy on your wedding day is what makes a brides and her bridesmaids so very stunning. We have the evidence to prove it x x

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