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Friday, 21 January 2011

Flora and Fauna

Tulips, sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas, cornflowers (and many other options that I just cant spell, but they are so darn beautiful!) You have a truly endless choice of options when you choose your wedding flowers. Flowers, like choice of dress and shoes can say so much about you as a person. Dont let that be daunting though. Make it fun! We have loved some of the flower choices from the weddings we have been to in 2010. Big, bright sunflowers for the lovely, cheery Katy. Simple, yet uber classy roses for Sarah. Hydrangeas, cornflowers and other vintage delicacies for Rachel. You can make your flowers say as much about you as you want.
One thing you have to consider is season. Will the flowers you love be in bloom when you get married? If yes...great! If not... what else is out there that goes with your ideas, colour scheme, budget?

There are many ways of cutting corners with flowers. One lovely welsh wedding we shot in March, all of the flowers we grown by the mother-of-the-bride! Daffodils, tulips and grape hyacinths. You can also buy directly from wholesalers. This is one thing we did for our wedding day and we saved so much money. We chose our flowers, they were ordered from Holland and then when they arrived we arranged them ourselves. This memory is still one of my favourites of preparing for our wedding. Huge buckets full of flowers and my wonderful bridesmaids and Mum cutting, arranging and giggling! Im still very proud to say... they looked stunning!
Maybe you fancy doing something like this with your special ladies... memories are made of these!

I really dont think there is a right or wrong with flowers. Anything this beautiful does a lot of the work by itself.
Flower arranging is not just for those lovely women in the W.I either. Its so very now and there are some great places that do courses and also offer some alternative ideas.
Remember flowers dont just have to be for the lovely ladies. You guys can carry off a thistle, rose, daffodil too! x

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Eduard Kooij said...

Beautiful photographs ! you have capture really fantastic picture . Nice work ..

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