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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A jaunty moustauche and quirky specs...

Prop...? an object used during a theatrical performance.
In the case of wedding photography, this pretty much applies also. Are there any quirky, crazy, slightly goofy things that you have that would add to your day? That would help you relax? That you would just use to help make a photo particularly funny and enjoyable?

Moustache on a stick? crazy specs? We love having the chance to play with fun things too. We have a great collection of things we have gathered together over a few years that people now request at weddings. It might be you see something we have used or something that you have seen that you would love to use and add into your photos, something that is very YOU. A guitar? A book?
Maybe Scrabble is a particular favourite of yours like Sam and Katy, maybe your a "chap" like Sid or the beach is the only place you really love to be like Katie and Sam. Incorporating props into a shoot can set you apart from others and create memories that bring a real grin to your face.
Just a thought, but something we enjoy and thought maybe you would too! x

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