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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Its the little things...

They say that "Beauty is in the detail" and I think they would be right!
Its often the little things that set weddings apart. A beautiful line of bunting, a table plan made from drift wood, individual jars of sweets and personalised messages.

We are totally blown away by the amount of time and energy that goes into the detail at the weddings we see and have the pleasure of being part of. Each wedding is different because of the couple who are getting married, but along with them they bring their own style, their own ideas and personalities.
Whats your style? What makes you YOU? Do you have a favourite "something" that sets you apart from your friends?
All of these questions can be answered in the way you "do" your wedding d├ęcor. Its one of the only chances in your life where you can throw a party that really is all about YOU and the union of you and your partner and all those special things that make your love so special and right.
Dont be shy! Explore and create and get excited about the little things too. That's ok you know!

Individualism can start from the beginning of your planning and can be carried through to the end. Do you have a theme? A special moment? something that can be picked up and carried through into the detail at your wedding?
There are many crafting sites and other websites that provide solely for the little things at weddings. Once your big plans are made... venue = booked, church = booked, photographers(!) = booked, dress = booked ... get on and enjoy making, creating and bringing to life something of who you are in your wedding detail.

Most modern photographers LOVE to capture details at a wedding. They tell the story, they bring together the whole atmosphere and also add something of the day when added amongst photos of you both, your friends and family amidst the celebrations!
Happy dreaming, happy creating and happy making! x

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