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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A look back at 2010 - with a handful of ponderings about planning a wedding.

It was such an honour and privilege to look through the work of so many photographers as they came to their end of the year reviews as 2010 came to a close. We didn't quite get round to doing one in time for the end of the year. Its now the start of a new year with new plans and new excitement for anyone planning their wedding. Its so exciting thinking back to our own wedding (nearly 5 years ago!) and also to the weddings of those we had the pleasure of capturing last year. Thinking about all the little bits and bobs that made each day so individual, the wonderful couples that made their weddings so perfect and totally "right" for them. Each wedding was such a celebration of love and its so exciting thinking that we have all that to look forward again this year with the wonderful couples we will be working with as we "shoot" their wedding days.
As wedding photographers, we get so many questions about photography, but also about different aspects of the day. Over time, being involved in the day (often months in advance) and seeing all the ups and downs, all the nips and tucks and the ins and outs of a wedding day we have picked up some ideas that we thought we would share with you.
These are all things that we have learnt and hope you might find helpful.
Of course, each wedding is different, each happy couple are different, each budget and each dream will be different. We understand that and love that about the diversity of weddings. Over the next few blogs, we will sharing with you just some images from 2010, that we have had the pleasure of capturing, but also some helpful observations and ponders about different aspects of planning a wedding day that is totally right fo YOU!


Of course... its one of the most exciting things a girl can think about, but also can be one of the most daunting. What to wear!!!! What am I going to wear when I get married?
There are no right or wrong answers. The only answer, is something that you LOVE, something that is in your budget and something that makes you feel like YOU! Magazines are full of dresses for this shape, that shape, this budget, that budget and can be so confusing! Shops and Boutiques are pretty much the same. What we have loved about the weddings we photographed in 2010, is that each bride wore a dress that was so right for them. Some had detail, colour, beading, bows. Some were very simple, but each dress worked for the bride and each bride was truly beautiful. Sometimes you do have to be brave and crazy and try on and explore different options. A bit like dressing up...enjoy every option you try until you find the dress that is for you. Maybe you want to add to or create something totally individual. That can be done too. There are so many options for making your wedding day outfit different to all the others. Some sites I would recommend (and probably will for totally individualising every aspect of a wedding) are Folksy and Etsy... crafting sites, with numerous amounts of beautifully different things. Maybe all you need to make that dress different to the rest is a brooch, ribbon, lace or a flower. Dont be scared to explore and try new things. Its fun!
It may be an old wives tale, but many of our brides have said the same thing "when you find it, you know!" ...We just hope that when you find the dress for you. That your dress is all you have ever hoped for and more and that you feel like the wonderful woman you are x o&c

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